Of all of the countless hours I have spent in front of the TV, of all of the challenging, thought-provoking shows I have seen particularly in the past five or six years where several shows have surpassed theatrical releases in terms of quality, I would have to say no television show has had more impact on my life than Solid Gold. What’s that, the devil I say? No, I said “Solid Gold”. Sounds nothing like “the devil”, try to pay attention, all right? Sorry, that’s not a great way to start out, I apologize. Okay, back to the topic. How could this schlocky, glittery chronicle of the fall of disco in the early 80s have such a profound impact on me? Well, let’s start with the Solid Gold dancers. I can thank them and their histrionic interpretative dances for affirming my sexual preference at a young impressionable age. While obviously I had not the vocabulary to express it at the time, the dancers affirmed my heterosexuality (not that I’m bragging ohhh look at me I’m soooo straight!”. It’s just that this group of performers with wind-blown hair wore such tight, shiny spandex that it was all on display right there. By about the 5 second mark of “Hurt so Good” you pretty much knew which team you were on. Secondly, the show introduced me to my musical hero Bruce Springsteen. Though this did not register as clearly at the time. I remember watching a montage of men women and children lip syncing “Hungry Heart” while watching the show. However, all I knew at the time was “I like this song” followed by “how did all of these people get their voices to sound like the same guy”. Okay, so I wasn’t the brightest kid, I think for the most part I have caught up. Then, about four years later when I was rocking out to “Born in the USA” I could be heard to say “wait, you mean this isn’t his first album?”. Again, caught up. Finally, Solid Gold told me the truth even when it hurt to hear it. You see, I was a huge Beatles fan even at that young age and sadly (for countless reasons, of course) John Lennon was shot and killed on my ninth birthday. Somehow, I did not find this out until the day after my birthday party when I learned of it on guess which show. I think my family had all the best intentions in shielding me from this news. However, it was Solid Gold who sat me down and told me the truth. In the end, what more can we ask of a television show?